Beginner Golf Skills FOREher

In this course, you’ll learn the basic fundamentals of golf for women. You’ll learn how to swing, pitch, chip, and putt through 8 videos that will be released weekly, as well as two live group videos calls with us!

  • The basic fundamentals of golf for women

  • 8 instructional videos and 2 live group coaching calls

  • Private FB group to connect with the FOREher Community

What You'll Get
Before You Get To The Course

In this lesson, we tell you who we are, how many and what clubs to have in the bag, and where to practice.

GSAP - Grip and Stance

Before we even start swinging the club, we are teaching you how to grip the club and how to stand.

GSAP - Alignment and Posture

In this lesson, you'll learn the second part of GSAP which is how to line up to your target and how to stand over the ball.

Swing Basics

Let’s get swinging! In this lesson, we teach you the four basic points of the golf swing. We also cover some key fundamentals like tempo, fluidity, and swinging confidently.


Shots that are 100 yards and in can seem tricky but they’re not! We’ll teach you how to pitch with ease.


In this lesson, we teach you how to hit shots that are just almost on the green but not quite!


In the sand trap? Yikes! Just kidding. While sand or bunker shots may seem scary, you’ll be feeling like they’re a walk on the beach after this lesson.


The grand finale! Putting is the key to lowering your score on the golf course. Master this and you’re on your way to better scores. Put everything together and you’ll be more confident next time you step on the golf course!

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